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The Eureka Springs Community Center is comprised of a energetic board, whose vision for our community is to bring us all together for years to come. Here, board member Jack Moyer speaks about “sustainability” #eurekasprings #community #arkansas #together #eurekastrong

Eureka Springs Community Sustainability

To say that the Eureka Springs Community Center is being missed during the COVID-19 crisis by so many, is an understatement. We are grateful for the vision and legacy of all the board members, contributors, and members. We talked with Kathy, one of the founding board members not long ago to chat about how the community center is emulating the word “Legacy”


Eureka Springs Community Center-Legacy

Percy’s Playground offers training, boarding and day care for dogs. Take a listen to them share details about their services. #4leggedfamily #dogs #doggydaycare

Percy’s Playground

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is home to many talented singers. Many of whom gather at local lounges to sing karaoke. @Missy’s White Rabbit Lounge hosts karaoke on occasion. I thought it would be fun to share with you a “Singing Christmas Card” featuring a few of the locals. Be sure to check Missy’s page out to find out when you can join in on the fun. #missyswhiterabbitlounge #eurekasprings #eurekaspringschannel #onlyineureka #downtowneurekasprings #karaoke #localtalent #christmasmusic Downtown Eureka Springs Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce Makenna Meier I do not own the rights to the music from this live performance.

A Eureka Springs Christmas Card-Makenna